Join us on a 10-week journey to master your marketing, sales, and manifestation. 

Launching August 9, 2023

to help women master their messaging, marketing, and manifestation.

Build a Six-Figure Business With Strategy + Soul

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Lost at Sea?

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, you followed your intuition to create a brand that lights you up. 

But you still feel out of alignment and insecure about the business skills that lead to sustainable growth.

What if there was a way to take the mystery out of running a

Profitable Business?

My name is Bethany Bubenzer, and I launched the Creatrix Academy to share the lessons I’ve learned building my own multi-six figure business and helping others do the same.

This program allows students to master the hard skills and mindset shifts required to sell with integrity and confidence.

Early in my career, I made the decision to step away from the fast-paced fashion industry because I felt called to become a yoga teacher and educator. As a certified Brand + Business Mentor and founder of The Mystic CEO (LINK), I’ve spent nearly a decade helping people build profitable companies through spirituality and strategy.

I’ve supported clients launching everything from salt caves to rosé bars. Like you, these ambitious souls took the road less traveled in pursuit of something bigger. And I’m so proud of every one of them.

The healing process I went through after losing my brother and sister showed me that each of us are called to build our own masterpiece and create a beautiful life while we can. No one can predict what tomorrow holds. My life’s work, guided by my siblings’ shining light, is to help people step into their full potential and build a legacy to be proud of. 

In yoga, we think about the proper application of energy. Spending energy where it’s needed and not where it isn’t. Building a successful brand requires the same discipline. By integrating the lessons of mindfulness and spirituality into your entrepreneurship journey, you lay the foundation for a life of abundance and alignment.  


Founder, Creatrix Academy and The Mystic CEO





Reverse engineer your branding to match the aspirational identity of your ideal client.


Refine your language to call in aligned and empowered clients who will truly benefit from your offer.


Use qualifications to ensure you are inviting the right members of your audience into the right offers so it becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Stop emulating what you see, and start leading from your personal and professional experience. 

let's make magic

“There are two sides to Bethany that come seamlessly together to create magic - her spiritual and sensual side, and her fierce marketing, branding and business side. She helped me refine my brand strategy, use new tools for social media to put into action, and flip the script on business challenges.” 


Creatrix Academy is designed to help you create a clear, crisp, magnetic branding + marketing strategy so you can express the value of your offer and attract dream clients with ease.

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Part business course, part Human Design workshop, part mindfulness retreat, this program exists at the intersection of tactical business skills and soft feminine leadership.  

You’ll leave the program with everything from sales call templates to guided meditations for unlocking creative flow. And because we limit the cohort to 20 students, you get a direct line to Bethany as a business coach, mentor, and friend.

Our goal is to remind you why you started this journey in the first place.  

⊹ I promise to meet you where you are without judgment.

⊹ I promise to create beautiful content that makes our work together feel more like play, while you make leaps and bounds in your life and career.

⊹ I promise to show up fully to every class. You will receive 100% of my love, focus, and attention during our time together.

⊹ I promise to never do the work for you, but always hold the flashlight so you don’t have to fumble through the dark

Because building a business can make you feel joyful, empowered, and aligned to your highest calling.

My Promises to You:

the modules

What We'll Cover

High Vibe by Design

module one

Learn how to use Human Design so you can create more ease and play in your business (and life!)

Swipe Right Effect  

module three

Clarify your ideal client so that the right people are saying YES to your offers.

Declare Your Bold Vision

module two

Craft the long-term vision you have for your life and business to help eliminate distractions and keeps you moving toward your goals.

see other modules

become the creatrix of your business

the modules

Reclaim Your Voice

module FOUR

Refine your messaging to become the sought after expert in your field.

Callin’ in the Cash Money, Honey

module SIX

Learn ethical and fun sales methods to reach your financial goals.

Step Up as a Standout Icon

module FIVE

Up your photoshoot skills to amplify the visual magnetism of your brand and engineer a cohesive story that translates to an iconic brand.

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become the creatrix of your business

What We'll Cover

the modules

What We'll Cover

Softening Into Feminine Leadership

module SEven

Integrate nervous system support into your daily routine to ensure long-term success.

Give From Overflow

module NINE

Define your personal guidelines for giving back, so that your business has a positive ripple effect across your community.

Your CEO Blueprint

module eight

Draft a quarterly and annual plan (of the year to come) to create predictable revenue streams that ensure long-term growth.

see other modules

become the creatrix of your business

“Through B's guidance (and so much love!) I stopped trying to mold my business to the outside world and instead built my business as a Sacred Devotional Temple to share my gifts and serve my people. I reclaimed my Chilean Medicine Woman roots, channeled the most beautiful offerings and had my first $25k month.”

Daniela M.

What To

Expect Inside


✶ Bethany will start each class by teaching the module live, then pivot to hot-seat coaching and Q &A.
✶ Because this program is limited to 20 people, you can expect ongoing connection and support from Bethany and other members of the cohort. 


✶ Have a question about running your business or the course materials? Use Voxer to text Bethany from Tuesday-Thursday.  
✶ Students can request help from each other at any time, and often connect about course assignments and business challenges.


✶ Everyone who is interested is guaranteed an opportunity to work directly with Bethany in the hot seat during one class session.  
✶ Bethany will review a course deliverable related to business growth/strategy, and provide live feedback and suggestions (just as she would on a $500/hr coaching call).


✶ Each module includes a comprehensive, beautifully designed workbook in both PDF and electronic format. 
✶ You’ll receive templates for everything from annual planning to content creation that are designed to be used again and again as your business evolves.


✶ Everything you need for this course (including all class recordings) can be easily accessed in the gorgeous, user-friendly Kajabi portal FOR LIFE.


✶ Thousands of dollars worth of high-value bonuses, including:
  • CEO Frequency Technique worksheet 
  • The Mystic CEO Organic Launch Plan. (Provides detailed guidance on planning a 4-6 week launch, including when to start building momentum on social media, how to test your messaging, suggestions to give value and build connections, tactics to create urgency, and how to craft core messages to magnetize your ideal clients.)
  • Connect to the Soul of Your Business Meditation
  • Frequency Flow Yoga Class
  • “Start With Why” worksheet by expert Simon Sinek
✶ Prizes up for grabs each week! (A student from our last cohort won a social media audit that resulted in a viral post and four new clients for her nutrition business. Other prizes might include things like a free 90-minute coaching session or one week of private Voxer coaching with Bethany after the course concludes).

“The 10 weeks in the Creatrix Academy was gold. Pure gold- every lesson, every week, every message I was able to gain so much from; the work was actionable and potent and allowed me to see gains, personal and professional, immediately.”

Aubrey T.

⁌ Increase revenue by understanding the strategy + soul behind a successful sales cycle 
⁌ Know where, when, and how to reach your ideal clients and present your offers effectively 
⁌ Articulate a crystal-clear UVP (unique value proposition) for your brand
⁌ Regulate your nervous system to unlock greater creativity, self trust, and abundance
⁌ Use Human Design to create a work schedule suited to your energetic needs 
⁌ Lead discovery/sales calls and close a sale with integrity
⁌ Evaluate profit margins and create better performance habits to operate at your highest potential
⁌ Reverse engineer your quarterly and annual revenue goals to build a pathway to six figures
⁌ Create 4 types of social media content (analytical, philosophical, personal, educational) and use storytelling to connect with your audience
⁌ Create visual brand assets (and how to run a brand photoshoot)  
⁌ Reframe limiting beliefs that cause procrastination, comparison, and cynicism
⁌ Build brand loyalty through memorable “high service” client experiences 
⁌ Creative ways to give back, support your local community, and cultivate relationships of impact through your business
⁌ And more!

What Will You Learn Inside the Creatrix Academy?

How To...

Let's Go Deeper

One Payment

3 mo. payment Plan



buy now - $1,997

buy now - $697/mo (x3)

August 9, 2023 - October 11, 2023
First Call Date is 8/9/23

All live calls will take place on Wednesdays at 2pm EST

Recordings will be available

The Creatrix Academy is your sacred temple to drown out the noise and reconnect back to

the dharma of your business

Are you:

→ A small business owner on a mission to create positive change? 

→ A leader who wants a one-of-a kind business and a life of adventure?
→ A seeker of knowledge with big dreams who values creativity, play, and outside-the-box thinking?
→ Someone who can visualize a future with financial freedom, fulfilling work, and control of your schedule?  

Take the Leap

Is This the Path

for me?

If so, Creatrix Academy is an investment that will bring you closer to the life you’ve envisioned.

There are other ways, of course. You could spend the next few years piecing together knowledge from evergreen courses that only scratch the surface of what’s required to build a sustainable brand. Or you could pay $500/hour for one-on-one coaching.

But if your soul is yearning to grow in community while calling in clarity, wealth, and ease (for the cost of one morning of coaching), this 10-week journey is the perfect sacred space for you. 

Doors to the Creatrix Academy close August 9, 2023, and won’t open again this year. 

“As someone looking to grow in their spirituality and uplevel their business, Bethany was the perfect fit for me. I felt understood, safe, nurtured and like I was growing immediately after meeting her. She had an uncanny way to tune into my energy, share what I needed, had ideas that have literally changed my day-to-day life and business.”  

Cali O.

The 10 weeks in the Creatrix Academy was gold. Pure gold- every lesson, every week, every message I was able to gain so much from; the work was actionable and potent and allowed me to see gains, personal and professional, immediately. Working with B is like working with a mentor, a coach, a friend, and a spiritual leader and it feels so good, it feels so right. B supports me, and all of us, as women, business owners, and coaches with spirit and strategy, knowledge and compassion, experience and education!


The Creatrix Academy was a beautiful container of good-hearted, passionate, and souled sisters who were willing to open up, share, help, and learn with me in a way I've never experienced. We learned so much from the modules, Bethany, and each other. I will sincerely miss the momentum, sisterhood, and growth The Creatrix brought alive in us all.

- CALI O. 

Joining the Creatrix Academy with Bethany was one of the BEST decisions I've made for my business (and myself) this year. It's so much more than a business coaching container. The Creatrix Academy will absolutely improve the way you do business, no doubt. But it will also give YOU as a person the courage and tools to step into your most authentic, powerful self. It will filter into all aspects of your life--business and beyond! What makes Bethany such an incredible coach is her ability to intuitively get to the heart of any matter, almost immediately. And she doesn't hold back with her advice or support. She has the wisdom, the training, the education, and the experience to lead you where you need to go. She genuinely CARES about her clients and wants the absolute best things for them. If you're on the fence about signing up, take this as a nudge from the universe to say YES and embark upon a beautiful, life-changing journey with Bethany!

- ERIN S. 

During the time in Bethany’s Program, there were several areas in which I grew personally and professionally. To start, I gained an expanded understanding of myself and how to share my abilities with others. I also made huge leaps in clarifying my soulmate client and how to creatively speak to her soul to stir her into seeking healing from my services. 

By the end of Bethany’s program, I created the foundations of a holistic health and wellness coaching business and launched an Instagram page for marketing. If you’re thinking of working with Bethany, I’d say absolutely do the damn thing already! It will be the best investment you make in yourself and for your future. The insights you will gain about yourself are absolutely priceless!


THANK YOU for creating this - an amazing experience! It was a collaborative deep dive into understanding my personal "why", identifying and attracting the ideal client, and developing a road map to succeed, all with the support of the most inspiring women! This is a program for those looking to become more extraordinary and share their innate superpowers with others. Before, I was full of self-doubt, stuck on how to move forward. Bethany, you helped me to understand and work within my own spirituality, energetics and human design to achieve my goals. This program has given me the confidence to open my dream business! Coaching with Bethany is like getting support from a best friend, business mentor and spiritual guru, all rolled into one amazing goddess! I'm looking forward to continued coaching!


I came to Bethany with a broken business and a broken heart, scared of taking a step forward. During our time together, she equipped me with the tools to heal and invigorate my soul. She taught me not to settle for “okay” but to pursue what felt amazing instead. In just a few months (in the midst of a global pandemic, I’ll add) I’ve felt renewed joy for life, my career, and experienced tremendous growth in a time when I should have experienced a decrease. I am forever grateful for our time together and look forward to working together again in the future. She is a true gem! 


Client Love

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This program was created for entrepreneurs in all fields. We see a lot of creatives, yoga teachers, coaches, photographers, calligraphers, artists, massage therapists, and reiki masters, but there are no limits as long as you are committed to growing in community with us!


Is this program a good fit for me if I haven’t launched my business yet?

What happens when I purchase the course?

Do you have a refund policy?


You gain immediate access to your online student portal, which is already loaded up with high-value bonuses like guided meditations and a product launch roadmap. The course itself begins on August 2, 2023, and you can expect the materials for each week to be dropped in the following 24 hours.


What type of business owner is this program designed for?

Is this program a good fit for me if I haven’t launched my business yet?

Do you have a refund policy?


We don’t want anything to stand in the way of your success. While we do not typically offer refunds (with so many happy students, it hasn’t been necessary), we will work with you if something unexpected comes up. Once you are part of the Creatrix community, you’re one of us. We know this course will help you achieve your dreams, and we’re committed to helping you make that happen.


What type of business owner is this program designed for?

Is this program a good fit for me if I haven’t launched my business yet?

What happens when I purchase the course?

Module One - High Vibe by Design is focused on Human Design.

You will learn how to read your chart to create the most ease + play in your business.

After Module One, Human Design questions are welcomed + encouraged but will not be the sole focus of the training.

If you wish to learn more about Human Design, Bethany offers HD Readings for $333!


What type of business owner is this program designed for?

Is this program a good fit for me if I haven’t launched my business yet?

What happens when I purchase the course?

Do you have a refund policy?

the frequency of your business

It’s Time to Amplify

invest in yourself

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